Here is an excellent resource for clinical examinations that my friend Hitesh Tailor has created. Please visit it and let us know what you think.


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  1. Hi,
    link did not work for me – takes me to page “internet explore cannot display the webpage” – all other sites are working. may be the link is old? or the web address has changed?

    1. Hi there,

      I am not sure I understand your question. MRCS Part B OSCE is a very passable exam if you prepare for it and ensure that you also focus on areas such as communication skills which are assessed on every station. The delivery of your answers and your professionalism are also marked. If you clarify the question, I will happily have a go at answering.


  2. MRCS part B OCC is similar to MRCS PART 3 examination method, having to pass viva and thn clinical and then communication,,wat is being done currently in international centers. we know about OSCE. So if the royal college gives the choice to appear in part B between OSCE and OCC..which one to apply for?

    1. Hi Samoon,

      That is very hard for me to answer as I only have experience of sitting the OSCE which I found very manageable to pass with adequate preparation. I can’t comment on step 3 as I have no experience of it. I recommend that you sit the exam where there is enough material (ie courses/books) to revise for where you are sitting it. Maybe ask around and see if anyone sat step 3 and compare their stations with the ones i have been blogging about… I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.


  3. Hi,for international docs they hv outlines that Basic Surgical Skills Course is not a must. I need opinion as to take this course prior to applying for OSCE? Also, ATLS?how imp is it frm OSCE point of view.

    1. Hi Samoon,

      Basic surgical skills is useful in that you may get a practical skills station where they ask you to excise a lesion. However you can just practice this in theatre and get someone to give you feedback. That station would also involve making sure you consent the patient and check that their name badge is correct. So depending on your abilities, BSS is not necessary for th exam. ATLS is useful however, as knowledge of ATLS principles is tested. You can however, just get a hold of the ATLS manual and read up on all of this if you don’t have time to do the course. I did not do the course before sitting my OSCEs.


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