Hello world (after a long time)!

Its been an age since I last worked on this blog. So firstly, many apologies for this but I have been immensely busy with life, work and more! As a quick catch up, since I last saw you which is when I had embarked on core surgical training I’ve been a bit of a busy bee… After finishing core surgery in London, I took the difficult but life changing decision to pursue my research full time by undertaking a PhD in regenerative medicine.  I’ve now officially finished and have been awarded my PhD (Yay!) which has given me the opportunity to create a little niche for myself in bioengineering and computational biology (more later). I was also awarded the Fulbright scholarship to build on my research next year in New York which i’m immensely honoured and proud of.

In the mean time, I’ve also combined my research and surgical knowledge with my other great passion; entrepreneurship. I’ve opened an innovative biotech beauty company which now has a successful aesthetic clinic (City Skin Clinic) and in the new year will be launching a bioactive skincare line. So, do bear with me as I revive the blog which will cover a more broad range of topics with a particular focus on surgical research and innovation… Until then, let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

A new beginning

Dear all,


As promised before Christmas, I have redesigned the website to try and make it easier to use. The flash version was slick but too many people have written to say that they were unable to use it so I thought I’d try something new. Let me know what you think. The blog is still the same at www.iwanttobeasurgeon.blogspot.com. Enjoy and good luck!